Gorge Lakes

10. Looking back from where I came.

At this point I moved away from the ridge overlooking the lakes area and choose a route to get me down and around the ridge to the Northwest of Arrowhead Lake.  I made my best route guess and proceeded on.  I later learned that the route I choose wasn't the best, but it got me there.

I came upon a lake that really confused me.  It was obviously not Love Lake.  I was clearly North of that.  The next lake North on my Trails Illustrated map was an unnamed lake.  But that one seemed too far North.  My best guess was that that lake was about 1/4 mile north of where I thought I was.  So I just shrug my shoulders and continue on.  Later, after I returned home, I downloaded a USGS quad of the area, and it shows an extra lake where I was.  Moral of the story: as good as the Trails Illustrated maps are, they aren't as complete as a USGS quad.