Bierstadt Lake 2007

I hiked to Bierstadt Lake last year, but finished the hike on the wrong trail.  I intended to hike from Bear Lake to Bierstadt Lake, and then on to the Bierstadt Lake trailhead on Bear Lake road.  But I exited the Bierstadt Lake area on the wrong trail and ended up on the trail leading toward the Park-and-Ride.  I realized my mistake well before reaching the Park-and-Ride and used another trail to take me to my intended destination; the Bierstadt Lake trailhead.  So this year I wanted to do this hike again and get it right this time.   Last year's report is Here.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. The hike starts at Bear Lake.  This is Hallett Peak over Bear Lake.

2. For some reason, I didn't take any pictures between Bear Lake and Bierstadt Lake this year.  Here is one of the trail from last year.

When you get near the lake, the trail splits and you can go either clockwise or counter clockwise around the lake.  I recommend that you turn left and go clockwise around the lake.  Most of the trail around the lake isn't close to the lake's edge.  There is a sign that marks a good spot to go to the lake shore and get the best view with the mountains behind the lake.

3. This is Longs Peak over Bierstadt Lake.

4. This is Otis Peak and Hallett Peak over Bierstadt Lake.

5. This is Taylor Peak, Otis Peak and Hallett Peak over Bierstadt Lake.

6. Backing out a little more, this is Thatchtop, Taylor Peak, Otis Peak, Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain.

7. A panorama of Bierstadt Lake.  Super Size It!  (273kB).

8. This is a telephoto of Taylor Peak.

9. The Longs Peak summit block.

10. Longs Peak again.

11. You can't resist taking pictures of the chipmunks.  Looks like a rock in it's mouth.  That can't be very tasty.

12. Another shot of the chipmunk.

13. This is the sign marking the trail that I took down last year.  I guess that I assumed that "Shuttle Bus Parking Area" meant Bierstadt Lake trailhead shuttle bus.  Not so.  The correct thing to do here is continue hiking clockwise around the lake to the correct trail leading down.

14. A duck on a rock.

15. I don't know what this is, looks like some sort of seed pod.  There was a bunch of it along the southern shore of the lake.

16. After finding the correct trail down, I started my descent.  Another shot of Longs Peak.

17. I think that is Arrowhead in the center of the picture and Mc Henrys Peak to the right.

18. Aspens along the trail.

19. It's a little hard to see, but you can see the Glacier Gorge Junction trailhead between the aspens, and a couple small parts of Bear Lake road.

20. Daisies.

21. More of the trail down the side of the Bierstadt Moraine.

22. I stepped to the side of the trail briefly to allow these horseback riders to pass.

23. Looking toward Thatchtop, Taylor Peak and Otis Peak.  That is Bear Lake road in the valley below.

24. More of the trail.

25. More of the trail.

26. More of the trail, with Hallett Peak in the distance.

27. The trail near the Bierstadt Lake trailhead on Bear Lake road.