Ouzel and Bluebird Lakes

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1. I was hoping to see a lot of wildflowers on this hike, and right away I find this perfect solitary Blue Columbine.

2. There is a lot of great creek scenery on this hike.  Most of it's length follows either the North St. Vrain Creek or Ouzel Creek.  Near trailhead is Lower Copeland Falls.

3. Upper Copeland Falls.

4. I didn't see very much of this and it's probably a disease, but it makes a colorful shot.

5. North St. Vrain Creek.

6. North St. Vrain Creek.

7. Calypso Cascades.

8. Golden Banner.

9. Scarlet Paintbrush.

10. Blue Columbine.

11. Ouzel Falls.

12. Upper Ouzel Falls.

13. Tallest peak is Mount Alice.

14. Can someone tell me what kind of pine this is?

15. Alpine Daisy.


17. Ouzel Peak.

18. Ouzel Lake.

19. Bitter Cress along Ouzel Creek.

20. I wasn't able to identify these flowers along Ouzel Creek.  If anyone knows what they are, let me know.

21. Chiming Bells.

22. Glacier Lily.

23. That's me taking a break along the trail.

24. Waterfall below Copeland Mountain.

25. Ouzel Creek emerging from below a small snow field.

26. Here is a snow field I had to climb.  It's bigger than it looks here.

27. Bluebird Lake with Ouzel Peak behind.

Between 1904 and 1989 the waters of Bluebird lake were dammed to create a 22 acre lake.  The dam was 57 feet high and 200 feet long.  The dam was removed in 1989 to restore the area to it's natural condition.

28. Marsh Marigold.

29. Heading back now.  The trail travels through an area that was burned in a fire in 1978.  Some of the remains of those burned trees have taken on interesting form.

It's looking a bit stormy to my north, but I was able to get back to trailhead with no more than a few sprinkles.  The drive back to Estes Park was different though.  Heavy rain with pea size hail.

30. Copeland Mountain and contrast of tree growth and burned area.