Bear Lake to Fern Lake Trailhead
via Odessa and Fern Lakes

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. Looking back over Bear Lake toward Longs Peak.

2. Approaching Notchtop Mountain.

3. A closer view of Notchtop Mountain with a waterfall below.

4. Crags over Odessa Lake.

5. A couple hikers on the trail rounding Joe Mills Mountain.

6. Scarlet Paintbrush.

7. A closer look at the crags over Odessa Lake.

8. Fern Creek near where it drains out of Odessa Lake.

9. Odessa Lake with the cirque below Ptarmigan Point behind.

10. A telephoto view of the cirque in the previous photo.

11. An even tighter telephoto view of the cirque of the previous photo highlighting a waterfall below the snow fields.

12. Looking back toward Joe Mills Mountain.

13. Heartleaf Arnica.

14. Chiming Bells.

15. Fern Creek between Odessa Lake and Fern Lake.

16. A hiker coming down the trail near Fern Lake.

17. I talked with the gentleman a few moments and then we took each other's photos.

18. Fern Lake.

19. Fern Falls.

20. A tighter shot of Fern Falls.

21. The Pool.

22. The trail below The Pool.

23. Ferns along the trail.

24. Narrowleaf Paintbrush.

25. Alpine Daisy.