Chasm Lake

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1. A large part of the Chasm Lake trail shares the Longs Peak trail.  This shot was taken after getting above treeline.  You can see Longs Peak at center and Mount Lady Washington on the right.  The Longs Peak trail runs around the right side of Mount Lady Washington.

2. This portion of the trail is well used.  Even though Longs Peak climbers will be in this area long before any hint of sunrise, it would be difficult to get lost here.

3. This is Mount Lady Washington.  The Longs Peak trail runs along the right (North) side and then around the back (West) side of this mountain.  The Chasm Lake trail splits here and runs to the Left (SouthWest).

4. This photo is taken from the same location as the last photo.  We're looking SouthWest toward our destination.  Columbine Falls can be seen in this photo.

5. This view is looking back at one portion of the trail.  According to my notes, there are hikers on the trail in this photo.  But I sure can't find any now.  Chalk it up to another demonstration of scale.

6. Peacock Pool rests shortly below Columbine Falls.

7. In this view, the Chasm Lake trail runs up to a patrol cabin that can be seen in the distance in this Photo.  The ridge above the cabin is the final scramble up to Chasm Lake.

8. Here we are.  This is the Diamond of Longs Peak over Chasm Lake.  The Diamond is shaded in this photo.  The Diamond is said to be a mecca for world class climbers, although none could be seen when I was there.  The scene is immense here, and only a small portion of it can be captured in a single frame at 28mm.

9. Heading back.  A portion of the trail is clearly visible in this photo.