Clear Creek Trail Overlooks

Not far along the Clear Creek trail is an incredible overlook to the inner gorge area from above the black and silver bridges.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. Not far along the trail, you can look back and see the cottonwoods of Phantom Ranch nestled in the lower end of Bright Angel Canyon.

2. Cactus.

3. A little farther up the trail and this birds eye view of Phantom Ranch opens up.

4. We saw these occasionally along the trail.

5. Jagged rock.

6. We've reached the overlook.  Here you can see the black bridge and boats on the beach just below Bright Angel Campground.

7. The South Kaibab trail leading to the black bridge is quite obvious here being heavily worn by mule traffic.

8. This view is looking downstream.

9. This view is looking upstream.

10. Again looking upstream.  It's a good spot for lunch.