Cub Lake

The previous day was a washout with lots of rain, and this morning looked a little questionable with a low overcast obscuring everything up high.  So I decided to try something low this morning; Cub Lake.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. The trail crosses the Big Thompson River shortly after leaving the trailhead.

2. Soon Stones Peak comes into view briefly.  It's good to see that the clouds are breaking up to the west.

3. I can't believe my good fortune!  I found a rare mountain egg!  Baby mountains hatch out of these huge rock eggs!

4. There are several small ponds along the way.

5. I think these are called Tall Coneflower.  There were lots of these along the trail.

6. The trail.

7. A little color.

8. Everything was still wet from the rains last night and yesterday.  The water droplets were shining brightly in the sun as it begins to break through the clouds.

9. Water droplets on leaves.

10. An interesting splash from a small waterfall.

11. It's turning into a very nice day!  This is looking toward Stones Peak again.

12. Another small pond.

13. A splash of color.

14. The trail enters a large stand of aspen.

15. The aspens stand tall, reaching for the clearing skies.

16. This is Cub Lake with it's large ring of Pond Lilies.

17. I walked along the shore of the lake and found this family of ducks.