2017 Total Solar Eclipse

I had the privilege of joining this group in Fairmont NE to experience the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  Mother nature toyed with us in the beginning, but graciously allowed us to see the main event (Totality) with clarity.  What a spectacular sight!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that day.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. Mike O took some great pictures of our group.  Thanks Mike!

2. Our Group (With the all-important solar glasses this time.)

3. Clouds - The clouds had me a little worried.  All we could do is wait and hope for the best.

4. Partial Eclipse with Sun Spots - Lots of nice sunspots on the sun.

5. Diamond Ring

6. Bailey's Beads - As the smallest sliver of the edge of the sun finally passes behind the moon, an effect called Bailey's Beads occurs.  The sun is shining through valleys between the hills on the rugged lunar surface.

7. Corona - Lots of structure in the solar corona.  Shaped by the magnetic field surrounding the Sun.

8. Solar Prominence - I wasn't expecting this at all.  We were treated with some spectacular solar Pronimence.

9. Partial Eclipse with Sun Spots - Lots of nice sunspots on the sun.

10. Time Lapse - I took a lot of pictures throughout the whole eclipse.  The clouds made getting proper exposure difficult.  I took all the pictures that weren't completely cloud blocked and added them to a time lapse video.  The clouds weren't all bad after all.  They add an interesting element to the time lapse.

11. I was also a volunteer photographer for a citizen science project called the Eclipse Megamovie.  1000+ volunteers along the path of totality from coast to coast are submitting pictures of totality that this project will then string together into a movie.  You can see all about it at the link below. They have an early cut of the movie at the top of this web page.  They will continue to update the movie as more submissions come in and refinements are done.
Eclipse Megamovie 2017

Tom Veik

12. Making the 2017 Eclipse Megamovie

13. Citizen Science & the Great American Eclipse of 2017