Emerald Lake

The trail at the beginning of the hike was snow packed and supportive enough to walk on without snowshoes; freezing temperatures from the night before hardened the snow.  But as the day progressed and temperatures warmed, the snow softened and I needed snowshoes to complete the hike.  The weather was good; a little windy at Emerald Lake but otherwise clear and not too cold.

The path to Emerald Lake is a maze of improvised trails.  Sometimes you wonder which path to choose.  If I follow that path, will I just be following a poor choice made by someone else?  The path I choose seemed to work just fine though and I got to Emerald Lake without any problem.  The path I took down was very different from the path I took up, and with snowshoes it was a lot of fun!

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. The hike to Emerald Lake starts at Bear Lake.

2. Nymph Lake is the first of three lakes along this hike.

3. Between Nymph Lake and Dream Lake, you can look back and see this view of Longs Peak and Glacier Gorge.

4. The path to Emerald Lake.

5. Dream Lake.  I've tried assembling several photographic panoramas for various hike reports, but none have turned out as well as this one.  This is five photographs.  Super Size It!  (303kB).

6. Emerald Lake.

7. Tree at Emerald Lake.