Granite Falls

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1. I got up early for the drive over Trail Ridge Road to the trailhead for Granite Falls, which is on the west side of the divide.  Along the way, I stopped at Farview Curve and took this photograph of Kawuneeche Valley where the trailhead is.  It looks like I'll be starting my hike in fog.

2. As I continued my drive to the trailhead, I passed through the cloud layer and back into clear air.  Everything was wet with dew including numerous spider webs along the Green Mountain trail.

3. After 1.6 miles, the trail connects with the Tonahutu trail and passes alongside Big Meadows.  The skies were clearing by now and it was a beautiful morning.

4. Along the west side of Big Meadows are a couple log ruins of a turn-of-the-century haying operation.

5. All along the hike through the wooded area, I could hear pinecones dropping from the trees.  The squirrels were busy.

6. That's me taking a break along Tonahutu Creek.

7. Tonahutu Creek.

8. Granite Falls.