Glass Lake

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. Hallett Peak.

2. Switchbacks in the trail, about half way between the Mills Lake turnoff and The Loch.

3. Icy Brook.

4. Taken from the same spot as the last picture, but zoomed in a little.

5. The trail near The Loch.

6. Andrews Glacier, taken from The Loch.

7. The Loch and Taylor Glacier.

8. Taylor Glacier again.

9. Andrews Glacier again.

10. Another shot of The Loch.

11. Continuing past The Loch, this is Icy Brook next to the trail.

12. Icy Brook.

13. Wildflowers.

14. A trail of planks helps get across a marshy area.

15. The first good view of Timberline Falls.  You climb up along the right side of the falls to get to Glass Lake.

16. The trail continues up Loch Vale.

17. Another view of Timberline Falls over the trail.

18. Getting closer to Timberline Falls.

19. A wider view with the falls.

20. Hikers on the trail very close to the falls.

21. The trail climbs up between the waterfall and the hiker in red.

22. Here is Timberline Falls.

23. More Timberline Falls.

24. More Timberline Falls.

25. More Timberline Falls.

26. More Timberline Falls.

27. Looking back toward The Loch.

28. Here are two hikers starting the most difficult part of this hike, which is right next to the waterfall.  It's steep and wet here so you have to pay close attention to what you are doing.

29. The most difficult part is short though.

30. Timberline Falls and hikers climbing up the trail.

31. Looking back toward The Loch again, this time from above the waterfall.

32. Very soon after climbing past Timberline Falls, you reach Glass Lake.

33. I was planning to go to Sky Pond but weather started moving in quickly and I decided I wanted to get down below the falls before it hit.  I was part way back to The Loch when I took this picture.

34. The weather didn't get as bad as I thought it might, so I explored a little above the north end of The Loch.  This is looking toward Timberline Falls which you can see high in the picture.  Shortly after this picture was taken, it started to rain and I called it a day.