Lake Haiyaha

After my Bierstadt Lake hike, I still had plenty of time to explore.  So I decided to scout out a couple spots along the trail to Lake Haiyaha where I might try to get a sunset picture with the moon later in the week.  I hadn't planned to go all the way to Lake Haiyaha, but being so close, I couldn't pass up another visit.  I took the shuttle from the Bierstadt Lake trailhead back to Bear Lake and started the hike.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. This is Nymph Lake.  The Yellow Pond Lilies were really blooming.

2. Yellow Pond Lily.

3. Yellow Pond Lily.

4. Yellow Pond Lily.

5. A close up.

6. Another view of Nymph Lake looking south this time.

7. A little farther up the trail, this is Nymph Lake from above.  Looking almost straight east.

8. There are great views up Glacier Gorge toward Longs Peak in this area of the trail.

9. A couple hikers on the trail.

10. I'm approaching Dream Lake now.  This is the outlet stream.

11. The outlet stream again with Hallett Peak.

12. This is Hallett Peak over Dream Lake.

13. On the way toward Lake Haiyaha now, this is overlooking both Nymph Lake and Bear Lake.

14. This is one of the spots I came up to scout out as a possible place to take a sunset picture of the moon between Longs Peak and Half Mountain.  It looks perfect.  But I need to wait a couple days for the moon to be positioned properly.  I was planning to turn back here, but Lake Haiyaha is so close and I seem to have plenty of energy so let's keep going.

15. This is Hallett Peak over Lake Haiyaha.

16. Another shot of Lake Haiyaha.

17. A fisherman on Lake Haiyaha.

18. A close up of the fisherman.

19. After visiting Lake Haiyaha, I'm still ready for more so I decide to return to the trailhead via the unimproved trail leading to the Glacier Gorge trail system, then back to the Glacier Gorge Junction trailhead.  From there I can take the shuttle back to my car at Bear Lake.  Along the unimproved trail is this stream which looked like a good place to try an animation.