Lake Haiyaha Snowshoe

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1. Heading out on the trail on Friday, the first of two snowshoe hikes to Lake Haiyaha.

2. Igloo Ed pulling his sled, Lora and Allan.

3. Looking toward Otis Peak.

4. Longs Peak.

5. Ice on the hillside.

6. Jennifer and Ed.  This is where Ed lost his hat as he hit the brutal winds coming across the lake.  But nothing was stopping him, he booked across the lake hatless.

7. Crossing the lake.  Jennifer retrieved his hat and gave it to me.  I didn't catch up with Ed to give it to him until we got to the other side of the lake.

8. The ice on the lake is completely wind blown clean of snow.

9. Building an igloo for Lora and Allan.

10. JP is inside controlling the form and Ed is giving directions.

11. More building.

12. More building.

13. Lora and Allan can't wait to get their dream home built.

14. JP getting ready to head back on the first day.

15. Crossing the lake.  By this time the wind had diminished considerably.

16. Jennifer and JP.

17. Ice.

18. A closeup of the frozen surface of the lake.

19. Jennifer.

20. The ice is so cool.

21. Ice.

22. More ice.

23. One last shot of the lake before we depart.

24. On the way back we saw this white rabbit.

25. JP is raring to go.

26. Jennifer hitching a ride on JP's sled.

27. Jennifer and JP sliding down the hill.  Who put that tree there?

28. Starting out on Saturday, the second snowshoe hike to Lake Haiyaha.

29. What a gorgeous day!  We received about 8 inches of new snow overnight.

30. The trees are really pretty with the fresh snow.  That's Aleks, Aaron, Brent, Kristin and Sandy.

31. That's Hallett Peak up ahead.

32. When we arrived at the lake, we found a big RMNP written in the fresh snow.

33. The group and Hallett Peak.

34. Hiking in the snow.

35. Aleks looking back.

36. Inside the cave.  That's Kristin, Jim, Robert and Aleks.

37. Starting to head back.

38. Snow.

39. Everyone getting one last look.

40. Jim.

41. JP.