Long Lake
Indian Peaks

I have never visited the Indian Peaks area so drove there to look around a little.  The gate to the Brainard Lake area was closed for the winter season so I had to hike about three miles along the road to get to the Long Lake trailhead.  Most of the road past the gate was snow free but there were a few large drifts that were as much as eight feet deep across the road.  The rest of the road was covered with ice, so it would have been a tough drive.

The area had just received a dusting of fresh snow the night before.  I almost had the whole place to myself.  When I returned however, there were a couple extra sets of footprints in the snow besides mine.  Snowshoes were a must once I got past Brainard Lake.

I only went as far as Long Lake this time.  The peaks were mostly obscured by low clouds and light snow, but I could see enough to know that I definitely want to return here and spend some time hiking this area.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. Snow covered stream near Brainard Lake.

2. Sun filtering through the trees along the trail to Long Lake.

3. Long Lake.  Six shots went into this panorama.