Longs Peak's Last Mile

This photograph of Longs Peak was taken in August of 2004 from Shelf Lake.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. During August of 2004, I hiked to Shelf Lake; in part because you get a great view of the Trough from there.  With my new digital camera in hand, I had high hopes of being able to capture some hikers climbing the Trough.

2. I expected that in some cases it may be difficult to tell the difference between hikers and rocks, so I took two photographs like this one a few minutes apart so I could compare the two very closely and find differences.  Sure enough, there they are!  I've found about eight hikers in this photo and magnified a spot with two.

3. This is the second photograph that I used for comparison, and found about 13 hikers in this one.  This one has a hiker at the very top as he is crossing over to the Narrows on the other side.