Longs Peak, 1996

3D map.

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1. Approaching the Boulder Field and Keyhole at sunrise.  We had covered a lot of ground already, much of it in complete darkness.  You need to start early enough so you can get back to safer lower ground by the time the afternoon thunderstorms usually roll through.

2. The Boulder Field and Keyhole.  If you look at this photo closely enough you can see hikers.  When you step into the keyhole and look beyond, the view is incredible.

3. The Trough.  Much earlier in the hike we saw a couple people wearing hard hats.  It seemed odd at the time, but when we got to the trough we knew why.  This is the part of the hike I thought was the most dangerous.  People up ahead were knocking loose small rocks, and they picked up quite a bit of momentum as they rolled down the trough.  Notice the bull's-eyes painted on the rocks to help guide hikers along the best path.

4. The Home Stretch.  The Trough and the Home Stretch were the steepest parts of the hike.  The air is thin here and progress is slow.

5. Rock formation near home stretch.

6. Hikers on the summit.

7. A marmot!  Looks like we are not the only explorers up here.

8. Looking east southeast from the summit.

9. Looking south from the summit.

10. Looking west southwest from the summit.

11. Looking north from the summit.