Loomis Lake

Only three cars at the Fern Lake trailhead.  Looks like I'll have most of the trail to myself.  It was very warm when I started the hike, needing no more than a T-shirt.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. The trail starts out as an easy stroll near the Big Thompson River.

2. Large rocks scattered along the trail.

3. Hmmm...  Someone didn't pack out the leftovers from their lunch.

4. Arch Rocks.

5. Just after passing through Arch Rocks.

6. Is it just me or does that boulder look like a huge frog?

7. The Pool.

8. The trail.

9. Fern Falls was really flowing.  Much more than I remember from the last time I was here.

10. A small part of Fern Falls.

11. The trail.

12. I wonder if that guy has anything better to eat than pine seeds?

13. A boardwalk passing through a small marshy area.

14. The trail.

15. The stream meanders through the trees.

16. Spruce Lake.  To the left is Gabletop Mountain and to the right is Castle Rock.

17. A small waterfall above Spruce Lake.

18. Paintbrush.

19. Beyond Spruce Lake, the trail gets quite steep and faint.

20. Cairns help you stay on path.

21. A small pond along the way.  This isn't Loomis yet, keep going.

22. Blue Columbine.

23. This is Loomis Lake below Gabletop Mountain.

24. Another photo of Loomis Lake.  Shortly after I started down, I started hearing thunder in the distance.  It started to sprinkle as I passed Fern Falls, then gradually built into a light shower that continued until I got to Arch Rocks.