Misc Photos

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1. The sunset over the Front Range as seen right out of the front door of where I was staying.

2. Alberta Falls.

3. Bighorn Sheep near Sheep Lakes.

4. Bighorn Sheep on the hill overlooking the parking area near Sheep Lakes.

5. Early morning haze over the many overlapping hills makes a great shot.

6. Overlooking Estes Park at dusk, waiting for the fireworks display to begin.

7. Echoes from the fireworks blasts reflected off the mountains from all directions making an interesting constant rumble.

8. Fireworks

9. Fireworks

10. An occasional lightning flash to the west and a distant rumble was a reminder of a minor threat of rain.  It held off until the very moment that the fireworks display ended.  Then a few sprinkles gradually built into a light shower as I hiked back down.

11. Just east of Cameron Pass on highway 14.

12. Boaters on the Cache le Poudre River west of Fort Collins.  I passed bus after bus of boaters and kayakers heading up river.  This must be the place to go!

13. Kayakers on the Cache le Poudre River west of Fort Collins.