NATO 1976

Operation Teamwork - Bonded Item was a major NATO exercise involving the forces of the United States, Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, West Germany, the Netherlands, and Norway.  Our unit would set up operations in Norway, Denmark and Germany; about three weeks at each location.  We left North Carolina aboard the LPD USS Austin in August 1976.

Some of these pictures have people who I am having trouble recalling their names.  If you see anyone you recognize and their name isn't shown, let me know.

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2. Blake Day.  This is at the MASS-1 compound at Cherry Point.  Soon we will be on the trucks heading to Morehead City, where we will board the USS Austin for the trip across the Atlantic.

3. Looking forward from the aft deck on the USS Austin.


5. At sea now, another ship pulls alongside to take on fuel.


7. The first sight of a bird after sailing for about two weeks.

8. On ship, killing time playing RISK.

Left to right:
1. Can't remember, help me out guys.
2. Joe Berger
3. Blake Day
4. Cox

9. Looking aft, CH-53

10. Tent City at Orland Norway.

11. It was muddy!

12. More mud.

13. Don't remember who these two guys were.

14. Tent City at Orland Norway.

15. You can't tell one muddy road from another without a street sign.

16. We got to spend a day in Trondheim for some R&R.

17. Trondheim.

18. Trondheim.

19. Trondheim.

20. Trondheim.

21. Trondheim.

22. Battleship gun taken from a German ship sunk in the bay at Orland.

23. Marines talking to local kids at Orland.

24. On board the USS Charleston now.

25. USS Charleston.  Moving from the USS Charleston to the USS Austin.

26. USS Austin.

27. On board the USS Austin now.  CH-46 dropping off a jeep.  We'll soon be heading to Denmark for the second leg of the operation.

28. Logs on the dock at Esbjerg Denmark.

29. In the tent near Vandal Denmark.  I can't remember the names, help me out guys.

30. We got to spend a day in Copenhagen for some R&R.

31. Copenhagen.

32. Copenhagen.

33. Copenhagen.

34. Copenhagen.

35. The mailman.

36. CH-46 at the AOA in Denmark.

37. At the AOA in Germany.  This might be the DASC, I'm not sure now.

38. Convoy from Germany to Esbjerg Denmark to board the ship for the return trip back to the states.

39. Before heading back to the states though, we get to stop for a day of R&R in London.

40. Parliament.

41. Big Ben.

42. Buckingham Palace.


44. London Bridge.

45. Tower of London.

46. Guard at the Tower of London.

47. Tower of London.

48. London Bridge.

49. On the USS Austin now, heading back to the states.  The USS Brumby, a Garcia-class destroyer escort, is pulling alongside to be refueled.

50. All the sailors are pulling on a rope attached to a fuel hose.

51. The fuel hose between ships.

52. Rough seas.

53. The aft deck of the USS Austin in rough seas.

54. The aft deck of the USS Austin in rough seas.