Pawnee Pass

I arrived at the self serve fee station bright and early but there were no envelopes left for me to pay the fee.  So on through the gate I went and parked at the trailhead.  There was a forest service worker at the trailhead who told me that the fee envelopes had been stolen.  The weather forecast looked good and I was excited to get started on a hike to Pawnee Pass this chilly morning.  After the hike when I got back to the car, there was a ticket waiting for me on my windshield because I didn't pay the fee.  I tried to pay, honest.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. Not too far from the trailhead you reach the outlet end of Long Lake.

2. Navajo Peak, Apache Peak and Shoshoni Peak over Long Lake.  There is still some frost on the plants from the cold night before.

3. Shooting Stars.

4. A small stream flowing into Long Lake.

5. Part of Niwot Ridge.

6. The trail.

7. More of the trail.  Still some patches of snow that need to be crossed.

8. A stream flowing down the south facing hillside.

9. Another stream emerges from under a snowfield.

10. The trail and Navajo, Apache and Shoshoni Peaks.

11. Some hikers on the trail very close to Lake Isabelle.

12. Lake Isabelle below Navajo, Apache and Shoshoni Peaks

13. A panorama of the lake.  Super Size It!  (260kB).

14. Another look at the lake as I start to climb to the northwest above the lake.

15. The trail crosses this unnamed stream about three different places.

16. Another pretty stream.

17. Lots of pretty streams in this area.

18. Looking back at the trail I've been following.

19. The trail.

20. Looking back at Lake Isabelle.

21. The Little Pawnee Peak ridge.

22. The trail and Shoshoni Peak.

23. A panorama with Shoshoni Peak on the left and Pawnee Peak on the right.  Pawnee Pass is hidden behind the wide snowfield on the horizon, a little right of center.  Super Size It!  (319kB).

24. The pointy peak is Navajo Peak.  This shot was actually taken later on the way down, but it fits nicely in the report right here.

25. Navajo Peak again, zoomed in a little.  (On the way up, no clouds.)

26. Looking down on Lake Isabelle.

27. A panorama with Lake Isabelle and Niwot Ridge in the background.  Super Size It!  (241kB).

28. The trail crosses the lower part of the wide snowfield at the horizon, left to right.  Pawnee Pass is hidden from view behind that snowfield.

29. Little Pawnee Peak ridge.

30. There is that big snowfield.  You can see a couple hikers there.

31. These shots with the dogs were actually taken later on the way down, but fit nicely in the report here.  I was below the big snowfield and taking a break.

32. I love watching the dogs, they have so much fun.

33. I'm past that big snowfield looking back toward Shoshoni Peak.  There are a couple hikers on the snow.

34. Also looking back, you can see the trail down below.

35. I didn't see many flowers on this hike, but here are a few.

36. Mount Audubon peaking over Little Pawnee Peak Ridge

37. Looking back you can see Lake Isabelle at lower right, Long Lake at left center and Left Hand Reservoir above Long Lake.

38. The trail not too far from Pawnee Pass.  The left peak is Shoshoni Peak, right is the north flank of Shoshoni.  Pawnee Pass is out of the picture to the right.

39. Pawnee Pass.  There was quite a bit of graffiti on this sign that I removed from the picture.  Thoughtless people.

40. I continued on a short way over the pass to see the west side.

41. Two young girls passed me and were planning to camp near Crater Lake on the west side I think.

42. Pawnee Lake.

43. Another view of the west side.