Ribbon Falls

Ribbon Falls is about half way along the North Kaibab trail between Phantom Ranch and the North Rim.

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1. We saw lots of mule deer.  They showed little fear of people, being protected in the park.

2. Trees can grow in some of the most inhospitable places.  This one managed to root in a crack in the rock.

3. Jeff took this picture of me in the area called The Box.

4. The entrance to Phantom Canyon.

5. The trail along Bright Angel Creek.

6. The trail along Bright Angel Creek.

7. Yucca or Agave, I'm not sure which.

8. The alcove near Ribbon Falls.

9. Ribbon Falls.

10. There is a ledge leading up to and around the backside of the falls.  You can see someone behind the falls in this photo.

11. Ribbon Falls.

12. I met a small group of guys at the falls that had camped at Cottonwood campground the night before.  The water was cold, but not too cold to have a little fun.