Spirit Lake

One hike that I would love to try some day is the one way hike from the Wild Basin trailhead to Grand Lake via Boulder-Grand Pass.  I hiked the east-side third earlier in the week to Thunder Lake.  This hike to Spirit Lake is the west-side third.  Now, if I can convince myself that I can do both of these plus the middle over-the-divide third, the hardest third, in the same hike, I'm ready to go.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. This is Adams Falls, a popular destination because of it's short distance from trailhead.  It's tough to photograph because of the way the observation deck is positioned above part of the falls, hiding the lower part of the falls.

2. Some low fog still lingers over East Inlet Creek.

3. The trail near East Meadow.

4. Another shot of East Inlet Creek near East Meadow.

5. The first of several pretty waterfalls I would find along this hike.

6. This is the upper portion of the same waterfall.

7. The trail.

8. Another pretty waterfall.

9. Lone Pine Lake was named for a single pine tree growing from a rock island in the lake.

10. Here is a better shot of the little rock island.

11. Another pretty waterfall.

12. The trail.

13. More of the trail.

14. Flowers along the trail.

15. Getting close to Lake Verna now.  This is looking back so you don't get the wrong idea of which side of the trail the stream is on.

16. Lake Verna.

17. Part way along the lake, the trail becomes 'unimproved' and that point is marked by a sign.  From here on, the trail is a lot rockier and was covered with a lot of debris like fallen trees, but still mostly easy to follow.

18. A clearer view of the sign.

19. Scarlet Paintbrush.

20. Another view of Lake Verna from the East end.

21. This is Spirit Lake with the continental divide in the background.