Timber Lake

Timber Lake is a very nice hike on the west side of the Continental Divide.  It's a great hike if you want to get away from the crowds on the more popular trails.  I saw only six people the whole day, and three of those were doing trail maintenance.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. The beginning of the trail is a well worn, winding path through the forest.

2. This guy looks like he has some battle scars.

3. The trail continues winding through the forest.

4. This is Beaver Creek.

5. Another shot of the creek.

6. Another shot of the creek.

7. The tree trunks were interesting here.

8. Mount Nimbus in the Never Summer Range.

9. The trail continues winding through the forest.

10. A small side stream that flows into Timber Creek.

11. The trail crosses another small stream.

12. Timber Creek.

13. A single flower along the trail.

14. Three people come up the trail on horseback.

15. A variety of flowers along the trail.

16. Wildflowers in a small meadow.

17. The trail near Jackstraw campsite.

18. Looking back at the meadow I just hiked through.

19. A small cascade near the trail.

20. The trail near Rockslide campsite.

21. Getting very close to Timber Lake now.

22. The outlet end of Timber Lake.

23. Looking south across the outlet end of the lake.

24. I walked along the southwest shore of the lake to a small pond nearby.  Julian Lake lies on the other side of this saddle.

25. The wildflowers and pond again.

26. Looking across Timber Lake to the north.

27. Not sure what left this meadow muffin, but it's definitely not the usual elk duds.

28. Looking northwest across Timber Lake

29. Timber Lake and the smaller pond to the left.