The Ute Trail

The Ute Trail is a long trail used long ago by the Ute and Arapaho Indians, and later by prospectors to cross the Continental Divide.  The portion of the Ute Trail that I hiked begins at Trail Ridge Road between Forest Canyon Overlook and Rainbow Curve.  I hiked out along Tombstone Ridge to the point where it descends steeply into Windy Gulch.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. This is the view near the start of the hike looking toward Hayden Gorge.

2. The trail, leading off into the distance.

3. Wolly Actinella.


5. Many Wolly Actinella along the trail.

6. There were a lot of butterflies too, although rarely would they sit still long enough to photograph.


8. Purple Fringe and Wolly Actinella.

9. Purple Fringe.

10. This shot looks into the area around Odessa Lake, one of my other hikes.  Odessa Lake, Fern Lake, Notchtop Mountain and Spruce Lake are all visible in this Photo.

11. Tombstone Ridge.

12. Longs Peak in the distance.

13. Six shot panorama.  Super Size It!  (475kB).

14. Blue Columbine.

15. Heading back to the trailhead now.

16. Butterfly on Wolly Actinella.

17. Tombstone Ridge.