2005 Never (Enough) Summer Rendezvous

Several members of RMNPforums decided to get together in August for a gathering that we called the 'Never (Enough) Summer Rendezvous'.  We all know each other from our discussions on the Forum and we wanted to get together, share a hike and have a picnic.  It was fun to meet the on-line personalities we all know.

The hike we chose starts at the Alpine Visitor Center and follows a portion of the Old Ute Trail to Milner Pass.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. As we were gathering at Milner Pass prior to shuttling up to the Alpine Visitor Center to start the hike, someone noticed that there were two large bull elk just to the south of the parking area.

2. This was taken shortly after starting the hike and looking back toward the Alpine Visitor Center.  Trail Ridge road can be seen to the left.

3. Part of the group.  We must be waiting for some stragglers.

4. There are elk on that snowfield up ahead.

5. Yep, there they are.

6. Looks like I'm falling behind.  I can't remember for sure, maybe this was just after the 'sign' incident occurred. 

7. Getting ready for the official group photo.

8. There's our resident photographer making sure we're getting set up right.

9. The official group photo.  What a nice group!

10. Erik is always looking out for good photo opportunities that can be used later when the light is better.

11. ProfHall is setting up a shot.

12. Looking toward Specimen Mountain.

13. The view across the Poudre River valley toward the Never Summer mountains.

14. The Crater Trail climbs to this saddle below Specimen Mountain.

15. You can see part of the trail when I zoom in a little.

16. Paintbrush.

17. Water trickles across the trail from a seep and provides moisture for some moss.

18. Blue Columbine.

19. A big bull elk close to the trail.

20. Formations of stone very near Milner Pass.

21. This photo was actually taken a couple days earlier, but this is where the trail ends.  This is Poudre Lake at Milner Pass.