Grand Canyon National Park

November 2003

Two years ago I did a rim-to-rim hike using the North Kaibab and Bright Angel trails.  I had wanted to hike out of the canyon using the South Kaibab Trail but didn't because it was still quite hot at that time of year.  During the hot months, the South Kaibab can be brutal, even deadly because of extreme heat, almost complete lack of shade, and lack of water.  The lure of the South Kaibab was strong.  Since it follows a ridge, it offers extraordinary views of the canyon.  So a return trip, during a cooler month, was planned.

This time, my buddy Jeff went along.  We hiked in using the South Kaibab Trail, spent two days in the canyon and hiked out the fourth day using the Bright Angel Trail.  Follow these links to some photographs.

The South Kaibab Trail
 (17 photos)

The River Trail
 (7 photos)

Clear Creek Trail Overlooks
 (10 photos)

Ribbon Falls
 (12 photos)

The Bright Angel Trail
 (20 photos)

Misc Photos
 (4 photos)