Here are some instructions for marking up one of the photos and sending it to me via email.  This will work for people using the following setup:

Windows 9x.
A recent version of Internet Explorer.
A recent version of Outlook Express.
Windows Paint.

This isn't necessarily the best way to do this, but it uses tools that most people have.  It creates a picture file in the BMP format which results in a rather large file, about 600K.  So if you decide to try this, and send it via email using a dial up connection, it may take 4 minutes to send.

Alternatively, you could print the picture, mark it up with a pen, and US Mail it to me.  Email me and I'll send you my mailing address.

  1. Save the Photo.
  2. Start the Windows Paint program and load the photo.
  3. Sketch the line.
  4. Save the marked up photo.
  5. Email the photo to me Tom Veik at