Longs Peak's Last Mile

3. April 2003.  I received this picture and description from Steve.

I don't think your Home Stretch route to the summit is quite right.  (I'm attaching my "version" of the Home Stretch for your review).  I'm pretty sure you have the Narrows correct, but, again, I don't think the Home Stretch path (on your site) is correct.

I've summited Longs three times via the Keyhole route and in looking at my personal pictures again and trying my best to remember the route I'm fairly certain that the Home Stretch is more of a 90 degree turn once you've cleared the Narrows.  I don't remember traversing diagonally across the south face on the Home Stretch.  It's more of a left angle turn (after the Narrows) and you just start climbing pretty much straight up the face.

I remember the Home Stretch as being very smooth granite and fairly steep.  There were cracks and crevasses in the face for hand and foot holds but I also distinctly remember thinking to myself that I wouldn't want to be caught on the Home Stretch in a rain storm (the rock was already very smooth and slick even when dry - if wet you'd have a bobsled run!).  Coming down the Stretch most people slide on their butts (again, because it's so steep and smooth).