The Bright Angel Trail

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. We left early for our hike out of the canyon; the sun illuminating only the tall buttes.

2. Mule deer along the trail.

3. Hikers on an area of the trail called The Corkscrew

4. Looking back.

5. Hikers on the trail just above The Corkscrew.

6. The trail.

7. A waterfall along the trail.

8. I think he wanted his picture taken.  Isn't he posing nicely?

9. Another waterfall along the trail.

10. Nearing Indian Gardens.

11. Indian Gardens.

12. Mule train at Indian Gardens.

13. There is our destination, the rim at the bottom of the 'V'.  It looks like a touch climb from here!

14. Three mile rest house.

15. Three mile rest house and trails.

16. One and a half mile rest house.

17. We made it!  We're on the rim.  You can see some of the trail in this photo along the stream bed and the north rim far in the distance.