Bierstadt Lake 2006

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1. You can start this hike at either Bear Lake or the Bierstadt Lake trailhead.  I decided to start at Bear Lake and finish at the Bierstadt Lake trailhead.  This is Bear Lake and looking toward Hallett Peak.

2. Just a short way up the trail is a spot where you can look down on Bear Lake.

3. The trail.

4. Wow, we're here already!  This is Bierstadt Lake.

5. My fat headed little buddy was along and enjoying the view.  Good thing he brought his shades, it's pretty sunny.

6. Here's a panorama of the area.  Super Size It!  (206kB).

7. This is looking toward Taylor Peak.

8. That must be the Sharkstooth.

9. I was sitting on some rocks just enjoying the view and I didn't notice that ducks were gathering at my feet.

10. I think they want something.

11. My fat headed little buddy was no where to be seen.  The ducks were bigger than him and must have scared him away.

12. They're everywhere.

13. I finally decided to leave and head toward the Bierstadt Lake trailhead which is on Bear Lake road.

14. The trail.

15. This is taking much longer than I expected.

16. That looks like Glacier Creek Stables.  I think I took a wrong turn somewhere.

17. More trail.

18. This trail will get me where I'm going.  It's just three times longer than the one I planned to use.

19. Some nice wildflowers along the way.  This is Sego Lily.

20. More wildflowers.  This is Horsemint.