Blue Lake

I've been to the Indian Peaks Wilderness twice before, but both times I was only there long enough to get a taste of what it offered.  This year I had a whole week to explore and I was excited to get started.  I chose Blue Lake for my first hike

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. The trailhead to Blue Lake is near Brainard Lake.  Blue Lake is almost straight up the center of this picture, nestled in amongst the mountains.  Super Size It!  (294kB).

2. The trail starts out heading into the woods.

3. The creek that drains from Mitchell Lake which is just up the trail.

4. Mitchell Lake and Mount Audubon.

5. There still are some snowfields that need to be crossed.

6. A log bridge crosses the stream that drains from Blue Lake.

7. A short stretch of wood planked trail passes through a marshy area.  The pointy peak behind the trees is Mount Toll.

8. Mount Audubon.

9. Hikers on the trail and the ridgeline just east of Little Pawnee Peak.

10. Panning a little to the left of the previous picture, looking south.

11. Panning a little left again, looking southeast.

12. The trail near treeline.

13. A stream emerges from under a snowfield.

14. A stream emerges from under a snowfield.

15. Blue Columbine.

16. Hikers and their dog on the trail.

17. Looking back at the trail I've been following.

18. Blue Lake, still quite frozen.

19. A panorama of Blue Lake.  Super Size It!  (324kB).

20. A waterfall on the far side of the lake.

21. A closer view of the waterfall.

22. I decided to try an animation of the waterfall.

23. A White Crowned Sparrow.  (Thanks B-Jay.)

24. A White Crowned Sparrow.

25. A couple hikers follow the trail as it continues up above Blue Lake.  A slip there would land you into some very cold water.

26. The waterfall again from a little different angle.

27. Marsh Marigold I think.

28. Mini icebergs.

29. Another mini iceberg.

30. Snow breaking away from the snowfield at the north end of the lake.

31. A hiker on the snowfield and Mount Toll.