Emerald Pools

The hike to Emerald Pools is one of the easier hikes in Zion Canyon that can be enjoyed by people not up to the challenge of the other more difficult hikes.  Three separate trails can be used to reach the area giving hikers a little scenic variety.  The photographs are presented here as if starting the hike at the Grotto trailhead and finishing the hike at the Zion Lodge trailhead.  The park's shuttle system is a great help in one-way hikes like this.  As you might guess, the three pools, small in size, hold water that is emerald in color.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. This is the view along the trail looking up river in Zion Canyon.

2. The same general area as the last photograph but now looking down river in Zion Canyon.

3. This is the Emerald Pools area taken from a distance.  Middle Emerald Pool sits atop the rock shelf about one third up from the bottom of the photograph.  Above that and just below the rock wall is where upper emerald pool is.  Water flowing from Middle Emerald Pool spills over the shelf forming the delicate waterfalls that fall into Lower Emerald Pool.

4. Upper Emerald Pool conceals its emerald color in this photograph.  It took a short climb to get above the pool to reveal the color.

5. Middle Emerald Pool.

6. At Lower Emerald Pool, the trail passes somewhat under the rock shelf and behind this delicate waterfall.

7. The Lower Emerald Pool area.

8. The bridge over the Virgin River at the Zion Lodge trailhead to Emerald Pools.