Misc Photos

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1. On the way to the canyon, we stopped at Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction.  This shot is taken from Artists Point.

2. This shot was taken a little beyond Fruita.  Conditions were just right to cause water vapor to form on the very top layers of the smoke rising from a fire.

3. We have arrived late in the day at Desert View and dusk is falling on the canyon.

4. Waiting for sunset near the Watchtower.

5. Sunset!

6. The Little Colorado River gorge.

7. The Colorado River taken from Navajo Bridge.

8. Navajo Bridge.

9. The Colorado River taken from Navajo Bridge.

10. Fall color along the road near the north rim.

11. Taken from the north rim, Cape Royal road was closed because of this fire. This fire and two others were responsible for a lot of smoke in the canyon.

12. Taken from Mather Point.  Super Size It!  (225kB).

13. Taken from Mather Point.

14. Taken from near Lippon Point.  Super Size It!  (161kB).

15. Taken from Desert View.

16. The Watchtower.