Hidden Canyon

Hidden Canyon is tucked between The Great White Throne and Cable Mountain.  This is another hike that has some serious exposure so think twice before attempting this hike if you are fearful of heights.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. The first part of the hike is a steep climb to the mouth of the canyon.  This photograph was taken along the way of the Big Bend area.  Slightly left of center is a feature called The Organ, which is attached by a narrow rock fin to Angels Landing.  Behind Angels Landing and The Organ is Cathedral Mountain.

2. This rock ledge makes up part of the trail leading to the mouth of the canyon.  Don't step off that edge!

3. More of the rock ledge.  This section has chains to hang on to.

4. This photograph was taken after entering the Canyon.  Hiking is much more level here but there are several rock obstacles that need to be overcome to continue on.

5. An arch.  Obstacles along the way get increasingly difficult to surmount, so you just continue up canyon as far as you can go.  I stopped and turned around at a 4th class rock wall.  There was a rope there, but I had no way of knowing how old it was or how securely it was tied etc.  Also if I decided to use it, there was always the possibility that it wouldn't be there when I returned.  The safe thing to do was to turn around and head back.

6. On the way back, I remembered a narrow opening between the west wall and a large rock that I saw near the arch on the way up that I wanted to investigate further.  And I'm glad I did, it led up to a rock shelf on the west wall of the canyon.  The opening was narrow enough that I needed to remove my pack to get through.  This photograph is the entry way from the inside.  The photographs that follow were taken on that rock shelf.

7. Incredible coloration of the layered sandstone walls.

8. Gouged canyon wall.

9. An arch of sorts.

10. Gouged canyon wall.