Lion Lakes

One of the things I wanted to accomplish with this hike was to see Trio Falls.  I've heard it is very pretty and I love waterfalls.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. The first two thirds of the trail to Lion Lakes follows North St. Vrain Creek so there are lots of water features to see along the way.  This is Calypso Cascades on Cony Creek, which flows into North St. Vrain Creek.

2. Calypso Cascades again.

3. Ponderosa Pine along the trail.

4. Mount Alice in the distance, which is near Lion Lakes.

5. A Snowshoe Hare sitting on a log.  He's thinking: "Maybe if I stay real still he won't see me."

6. Ouzel Falls is on Ouzel Creek, which flows into North St. Vrain Creek.

7. Lichen color the rock.

8. Fireweed.

9. Scarlet Paintbrush with fallen tree backdrop.

10. Arrowleaf Senecio.

11. Tree along the trail.  I think that is Copeland Mountain in the background.

12. Heartleaf Arnica?

13. Northern Paintbrush.

14. Little Pink Elephants.  That's what they're called.

15. A close up.  The name is so appropriate isn't it.

16. There are wildflowers everywhere.

17. Panorama at Lion Lake 1.  Mount Alice is to the left and Chiefs Head Peak is to the right.  Lion Lake 2 is straight ahead.  Super Size It!  (290kB).

18. Wild flowers along the cascades coming down from Lion Lake 2.

19. Looking back and down on Lion Lake 1.

20. I didn't realize it when I took this picture, but later learned that this is part of Trio Falls.  There wasn't enough water flow to form the three water falls..  I'll have to return earlier in the year next time when there is more water from snowmelt

21. Lion Lake 2.  The waterfall on the far side brings water from Snowbank Lake, just up on the next shelf.

22. Same waterfall as the last picture, just zoomed in a little.