Nymph, Dream, Haiyaha and The Loch Lakes

The plan was to do an easy day for my first day, Bear Lake to Nymph Lake, Dream Lake, Lake Haiyaha, then finish the loop back to the new Glacier Gorge trailhead.  When I got to the Mills Lake - Loch split, I was feeling good so decided to add The Loch.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. It was a beautiful clear morning and warmer than I was expecting.  This is Nymph Lake below Flattop Mountain.  Doesn't look so flat from here does it.

2. Again, this is Nymph Lake.  Behind and to the left is Thatchtop and to the right is the ridge leading up to Otis Peak.

3. This is looking up toward Glacier Gorge.  The mountain left of center is Half Mountain, the Glacier Knobs can be seen in the foreground and of course Longs Peak is to the right.

4. The stream flowing from Dream Lake.

5. Getting close to Dream Lake, the trail crosses the stream with a great view of Longs Peak.

6. Hallett Peak and Dream Lake.

7. A fisherman on Dream Lake.

8. Part of the trail alongside Dream Lake.

9. Paintbrush along the trail to Lake Haiyaha.

10. Again a great view of Glacier Gorge opens up.

11. Looking back down at Nymph Lake and Bear Lake.

12. Lake Haiyaha.  This is looking up Chaos Canyon.

13. This is the trail leading over toward the Glacier Knobs area.

14. Blue Columbine.

15. A small pond along the trail.  That's Hallett Peak in the background.

16. I hadn't planned to hike to The Loch today but when I reached the turnoff I was feeling real good so decided to add the short hike to The Loch.  This is Icy Brook.

17. This is The Loch and we're looking toward Andrews Glacier.

18. This is looking toward Taylor Glacier.  Timberline Falls is in this picture but very small.

19. Zooming in a little, you can start to see the waterfall better.

20. Let's zoom in some more.  Ah, that's better.

21. How about some more zoom.

22. Even more zoom.  This is a little blurry because of the extreme zoom, but I like it because you can see people!  Amazing considering that this photo was taken from the same place as photo #18.

23. It's been a great day but time to head back to the Glacier Gorge trailhead.  I'll take the bus back to Bear Lake from there.  This is the trail down below the turnoff that heads up into Glacier Gorge.