Longs Peak's Last Mile

What's your opinion of where the keyhole route is in these photographs?  Mark up a photo and send it to me.  Need help marking up a photo?  Click here for instructions.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. This shot of Longs Peak was taken from the base of the Spearhead in September of 2000.  The keyhole route trail to the summit of Longs Peak traverses almost the entire width of this seven shot photo.  The Keyhole is at the left end and the Trough is at the right end, mostly hidden I think.  Super Size It!  (543kB).

2. Aug 2002.  I finally found a hiker in this photograph!  There is someone there wearing a red jacket!  This person can't be seen in the super sized version linked to above because it isn't scanned to a high enough resolution.

3. Aug 2002.  Based on the description I received from Troy, and finding the hiker shown above, I took a close look at this photograph and sketched a line where I think the keyhole route goes in this photograph.