The North Kaibab Trail

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1. Here we are at the trailhead!  We're finally ready to start a hike that we've been planning for a few years.  When we left the lodge cabin, less that two miles from the trailhead, it was cool but comfortable.  Curiously, it was much colder here; but we were well prepared.

2. Leaving trailhead, we enter Roaring Springs Canyon.  This will lead to the Bright Angel Canyon that we will follow all the way to Phantom Ranch near the Colorado River.

3. There wasn't a lot of color like this along the way, but a few places near trailhead were quite colorful.

4. Supai Tunnel.

5. Supai Tunnel.

6. Here you can see quite a bit of trail and a foot bridge that we will cross.

7. Randy on the trail.

8. Dick and Randy waiting for me on the foot bridge.  I'm not quite as fast as they are.

9. The view looking down canyon from the foot bridge.

10. Looking back at the progress we've made so far.

11. Dick and Randy on the trail.  Notice the drop off to their left!

12. Roaring Spring.

13. Again, looking back at the progress we've made coming down Roaring Springs Canyon.

14. Cactus along the trail.

15. We're now able to see the South Rim, our final destination, far off in the distance.

16. Ribbon Falls.

17. Randy, posing next to some cactus.

18. The trail.

19. This lizard kept us company as we had lunch in the shade of some rocks.

20. Here, I looked back and thought I could see the lodge on the North Rim.  A quick check with binoculars confirmed it was there.

21. This is a telephoto of the lodge from the same place as the previous photo.

22. Nearing an area called The Box.

23. Nearing Phantom Ranch.