North Inlet Falls Campsite Area

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1. Trail to Lake Nokoni and Lake Nanita.

2. Lake Nokoni.

3. Lake Nokoni & Ptarmigan Mountain backdrop.

4. Lake Nokoni.

5. There's gotta be a trail here somewhere...

6. Rest break along the trail.

7. North Inlet Creek.

8. View from North Inlet trail, somewhere along Hallett Creek.

9. There's gotta be a trail here somewhere...

10. Tree down across the trail which the rangers had not had a chance to clear yet.  Probably knocked down by avalanche.

11. Oh deer...what are you guys doing up here?!

12. Permanent camp site near North Inlet Falls campsite.  The dining canopy made a nice place to get out of the rain.

13. On the way out - North Inlet trail.