The Inner Canyon

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. Phantom Ranch is an alternative to Bright Angel Campground as a place to stay near the river.  The big advantage to staying here is your pack load can be much lighter.  These are cabins that are used mainly by mule riders I think.

2. The Dining Hall.  They make a great stew dinner here!  We also had 5AM breakfast here and picked up sack lunches for later in the day.  Be sure to be on time or you'll miss out!  5AM breakfast, 6:30PM stew dinner.

3. This is our dorm.  Just big enough for bunk beds for 10 people and a small bathroom with shower.

4. In the morning of the second day, we walked a small loop; to and across the black foot bridge, along the river trail, to and across the silver foot bridge and back to Phantom Ranch.  This is a pack mule train crossing the black foot bridge.

5. The same mule train after crossing the bridge.

6. Anasazi Ruin near the black bridge.

7. The black foot bridge.

8. The black bridge.

9. Mule train emerging from the tunnel at the south end of the black bridge.

10. Flower near the tunnel at the south end of the black bridge.

11. Along the river trail we explore a couple side washes.  Dead end?  What dead end?

12. Looking down river and the silver foot bridge.

13. The silver foot bridge.