Twin Sisters

This morning, while I'm hiking up Twin Sisters, my buddy Jeff and his daughter will be hiking up to the Longs Peak boulderfield to camp.  They plan to summit Longs the following day.  I shuttled them to the Longs Peak trailhead before heading to the trailhead for Twin Sisters.  The weather looks good, it should be a great day for hiking.

Be sure to click on these thumbnail photos for larger versions.

1. Just after leaving the trailhead, there are deer along the trial.

2. At various places along the trail views of Longs Peak and Mt. Meeker come into view.

3. Some parts of the trail are very worn.

4. The Mummy Range off in the distance.

5. Nearing tree line.

6. Nearing summit, a radio tower and equipment building.

7. A Marmot near the radio tower.

8. Hikers on the summit.

9. In this picture you can see the nearby Estes Cone and the Continental Divide in the distance.

10. Estes Park.

11. Looking down Tahosa Valley, you can see Indian Peaks off in the distance.

12. Longs Peak and Mt. Meeker.

13. A little to the right of Longs Peak in the previous picture and just below center you can see part of the trail leading to the Keyhole route up Longs, and the side branch trail to the left leading to Chasm Lake.  This photo is zoomed in on that area.  I've also magnified four places where you can see hikers.  Could the two hikers near the bottom be Jeff and his daughter?  Maybe.

14. Zoomed in a little on Longs Peak.

15. Zooming in a little more, you can see Columbine Falls.